Rejiggering a 110-hour workweek

Pressed to the limits by his workload, Stephen Shapiro analyzed all the activities on his plate and found only a small percentage of them truly mattered. Within two weeks, he had re­­duced his weekly work hours from 110 to 20. What can be learned from this speaker and consultant's example?
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First things first. Maggie Fox, founder and CEO of Social Media Group, jots down three goals—and only three—every morning. "If you have more than three priorities," she says, "you have no priorities." -- Adapted from "Launch," Inc.


Ask "Z"

Ask "Z"

Regain trust by fulfilling your promises

Q. It appears I’ve lost my team’s allegiance. They seem to have lost faith in me. I don’t know why, but it’s clear they’re no longer even pretending to listen to me. Any ideas on how to win over a group of employees who have apparently decided to bail out?

Leadership Library: Weekly Feature

Leadership Library: Weekly Feature

Talent-Based Interviewing: Best Questions & Best Practices

Talent-based interviewing, an increasingly popular interviewing technique, asks questions about real-life situations. Better interview questions mean better hires. And that reflects better on you! Watch the video now

Kevin Eikenberry

Remarkable Leadership with Kevin

What's Behind the Question?

I’ve long felt and taught that one of the best ways to learn better questioning skills was to watch great interviewers. In thequestions past, I’ve often suggested Charlie Rose and Barbara Walters. Now Barbara mostly retired and Charlie’s gig is changed. Does that mean my advice has changed? Yes, a bit.

Best of the Blogs

Best of the Blogs

More social media! A plan for Mondays

Social media manager HootSuite offers a Monday morning checklist to beat the blues.

Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School

Negotiation Coach

Defusing negotiation anxiety

Q. Negotiations make me anxious. In the past year, I negotiated for a car at a dealership, a higher salary at work, a lower price on a piece of furniture at an antiques market, and an important business contract as part of a team. Each time, my palms got sweaty, my heart started to race, and I found the whole process to be unpleasant. What can I do to feel less anxious when I negotiate?

Marie McIntyre, Ph.D.

Ask the Workplace Coach

Our manager keeps asking for our money!

Q: “Our manager is involved with a lot of community groups and charitable organizations. The problem is that whenever she participates in something, she sends the staff an email asking for contributions. We see no reason why employees should be expected to support their boss’s outside activities, but we don’t want to offend her and jeopardize our job security. Is there a polite way to tell our manager to stop these requests?” Intimidated 

Invite the 'whole person' to work

Aug. 21, 2014

For Brian Walker, leadership and inspiration go hand in hand. The CEO of Herman Miller wants the company’s roughly 5,700 employees to love their jobs, so he reminds his staff that the company’s goal is “to create a better world around you.”

Spur everyone to become better leaders

Aug. 20, 2014

Jay Anders sought to change the way his company trained its 9,000 employees to grow into leaders. So he shifted its focus from traditional classroom seminars to self-directed resources.

Use Twitter to your advantage

Aug. 19, 2014

Most CEOs do not tweet. Are they missing something? The pervasiveness of social media affords leaders a golden opportunity to connect directly with employees, customers and the public. Twitter offers a particularly easy and effective channel for executive outreach.

Set the stage to build trust

Aug. 18, 2014

Deciding whether to trust an em­­ployee, contractor or partner, start from a position of unbiased clarity and don’t rely on one’s sterling reputation.