7 questions to gain wisdom

When others seek your guidance, shine the spotlight on them.

4 reasons work can wait

When you’re trying to cram in that “one more thing,” consider whether you’re actually driving yourself or your people crazy.

Apply the Golden Rule to lift results

Determined to reverse the downhill spiral, Popeyes CEO Cheryl Bachelder revamped the culture.

Surviving the dinger that made history

Ralph Branca received death threats for “the shot heard round the world,” but there was one moment of grace after that blow.


Slow motion leadership

Do one more thing

Today's Leadership Tip

Do you hold meetings to go over problems, processes or policies and ask at the end: “Are there any questions?” And oddly, no one ever asks anything? Malaise may be festering at this point. Surely they do have questions; they just don’t care what the answers are. The ambivalence is a symptom of a deeper problem that you need to address. Ask yourself: “Do I take their questions to heart?” "Does everyone feel like their input matters?"


Q. My boss refuses to let me run an internal training program. He insists on wasting money on an outside consultant because he thinks this “expert” knows more than I do. I’m furious. Any advice on what I should do next?

Jay Elliot, former Senior VP of Apple and author of The Steve Jobs Way, is full of stories about the glory days—each one a lesson in how to produce amazing results by getting serious about your product and your culture.  Watch the video now.

As leaders we have a responsibility for supporting, enabling and expecting our teams to improve their work processes. Because of that fact, today I want to share a trio of important ideas related to process improvement — all important, all worthy of the full space available, yet I determined that giving you a morsel of each was preferable to picking one.

How about a directory of leadership blogs?

Q: “Our micromanaging boss makes it difficult to accomplish our team goals. When we start a new project, she never discusses her expectations or her vision of the end result. She often shifts direction on a whim, leaving us feeling that we've done a lot of work for nothing. Do you have any suggestions?” Frustrated Team Member