Coaching your team to victory

Some entrepreneurs love to launch businesses, but they lack interest in managing growing enterprises. Tom Gegax made the successful transition from startup bootstrapper to business builder.  Read More.


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos introduced an unusual "Employee Empowerment" strategy in a letter to shareholders recently, one he attributed to Zappos, the shoe company. A program would give fulfillment center employees a lump sum cash payment to leave their jobs if they simply don't feel that Amazon is the place for them. Bezos' goal is to retain only the happiest, most committed workers.


Ask "Z"

Ask "Z"

Hey, I recognize that bad boss!

Q. I just attended a webinar on leadership. It turns out that I report to a guy who embodies many of the worst traits of a leader. I learned that bad leaders hog credit, don’t listen and have a thin skin—just like my boss. When he asks what I learned in the webinar, how should I respond?

Leadership Library: Weekly Feature

Leadership Library: Weekly Feature

A Manager's Guide to Employment Law

As a manager, if you fail to follow basic employment law tenets, you could find yourself facing the consequences in court. Arm yourself with this guide. Download it now

Kevin Eikenberry

Remarkable Leadership with Kevin

Persuasion and Manipulation -- Are They the Same?

They definitely are not. Persuasion is not manipulation. If a connection between those words crosses your mind, it is time to eradicate it — and I’ve got about 300 words in this space to try to make that happen.

Best of the Blogs

Best of the Blogs

Become mentally stronger

Blogger Amy Morin has put together a wildly popular post covering 13 things about mentally strong people. Here’s a quick rundown.

Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law School

Negotiation Coach

A 'straight shooter's' blind spot

Q. I negotiate for a living, and I get great deals for my organization. On occasion, though, I’m accused of being abrasive and “difficult,” not just by competitors but by colleagues, too. I used to have a temper, but I’ve worked hard on that. I try to be polite and civil, so I’m frustrated by this feedback. Maybe people just don’t like a straight shooter. Any advice?

Marie McIntyre, Ph.D.

Ask the Workplace Coach

This Starbucks drama invites tattling ... but hold on

Q: "The vice president of our group only works at this office in the afternoon. In the morning, when he’s not here, the sales engineer often goes to Starbucks for coffee. The vice president is a stickler about not wasting productive time, so I’m sure he would be outraged about this. I would be reprimanded if I left to run an errand, so I don’t see why the sales engineer has this privilege. Should I tell the vice president, or am I just being petty?" Stuck at My Desk

Method's genesis of a great idea

Apr. 18, 2014

Eric Ryan and Adam Lowry grew up six blocks apart near Detroit. Still, it took them years to launch green soap company Method.

Tie pay and performance to thrive

Apr. 17, 2014

By focusing on each person’s performance as it related to a scorecard of desired results, North Carolina firm Bob Barker Co. enabled employees to increase their compensation by working harder and smarter. It also motivated everyone to contribute to the firm’s profitability.

Word to the wise: Stay on task

Apr. 16, 2014

Stanford business professor Jeffrey Pfeffer looked at the research on power. Then he zeroed in on elements the powerful possess.

Hiring? Rethink party photos

Apr. 15, 2014

Screening out job candidates who look tipsy on Facebook may seem obvious, but there are pitfalls to this approach.


3 rules to lead by

Apr. 4, 2014