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At Netflix, autonomy above all else

April 20, 2017
Reed Hastings believes that talented people thrive when you simply leave them alone. So the co-founder and CEO of Netflix created a culture of independence.

Don’t follow the pack

December 13, 2016
Leaders lead. Followers follow. You can’t do both.

Is your business ready for ‘Radical Candor’?

November 16, 2016
A new management approach known as Radical Candor is generating buzz and raising eyebrows. It calls for the kind of direct confrontation and painful truth-telling that’s traditionally considered verboten in the workplace.

You need a new relationship with your employees

October 19, 2016
The old attitudes will not work anymore, writes author Steven L. Blue. Rather than exploit, today’s leaders need to capitalize on and nurture the human spirit.

Keeping AmEx grounded top to bottom

July 22, 2016
Ken Chenault knows it’s tough to forge connections with over 50,000 employees. But that doesn’t stop the longtime CEO of American Express from trying.

Leadership Tips, Vol. 416

April 4, 2016
New ways to do things; Name a CEO; The worst passwords

Use 20/10/70 rule to woo staffers

February 12, 2016
Enlightened leaders don’t try to motivate everyone equally. They target their efforts for maximum impact.

Make a commitment that counts

February 5, 2016
When leaders say that they’re going to do something, they follow through. But that’s especially hard if they promise to tackle a tough task.

5 keys to gain a competitive advantage

December 8, 2015
In the 1970s, executives favored a technique called SWOT analysis to think strategically. But SWOT is now outdated, and there’s a more reliable way to devise strategy.

No Plan B for this young billionaire

July 3, 2015
“The minute that you have a backup plan, you’ve admitted that you’re not going to succeed,” says Elizabeth Holmes, CEO of Theranos, a health technology company.
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