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Employees don’t think their supervisor is so super

April 26, 2017
Q. One of my supervisors rubs people the wrong way. Some colleagues complain that her comments bother them—and that she subtly cuts them down. What can I do to address the situation? I’m not even sure how to explain the problem to her, much less propose a solution.

The secret language of high-fives

April 13, 2017
There are many ways to cheer your teammates’ triumphs and prod them to pick up their game when they’re down. What’s important is showing that you care and you’re rowing along with everyone in pursuit of shared success.

Plug gap between desired and real performance

April 13, 2017
Q. There’s a big gap between the desired performance that I’d like from people—and their actual output. Apparently, I demand too much (at least that’s what I hear from employee engagement surveys). What am I supposed to do? Lower my standards?

The ‘work laugh’ is real

April 11, 2017
In two experiments led by Christopher Oveis of the University of California at San Diego, high-status individuals had different laughs than low-status individuals, and strangers could tell the difference.

Why your best talent is leaving, and 4 ways to win them back

April 6, 2017
An interesting phenomenon occurs in most organizations. On day one, most employees are fully engaged as these fresh hires are excited to begin a new experience. And yet, according to Metrus Institute, engagement levels drop considerably during the first few years, and often far more than you would expect after a honeymoon period. Clearly something is going on, and most organizations need these four key actions to minimize this degradation of engagement and reboot it to formerly high levels.

Call him the “change everything agent”

March 30, 2017
Q. I assigned a person on my team to serve as “change agent.” I told him to review our policies and propose solutions to improve our operation. Now he refuses to accept anything the way it is and wants to overhaul everything (even what works). Help!

Brady & Belichick: It’s all business

March 28, 2017
The head coach of the New England Patriots has led his football team to seven Super Bowls in 17 years—with Tom Brady as his quarterback.

Corporate culture starts at the top

March 22, 2017
“I can’t hang with the guys (I’m the boss, after all), but I also can’t seem to influence their behavior. What do I do?”

I, brand ambassador

March 21, 2017
More than your employees, more than your vendors and investors, and more than your customers, you and your behavior on social media are the online embodiment of your company’s brand.

Hire SWANS and let them swim

March 16, 2017
Surround yourself with people who are smarter than you. The return on investment will be extraordinary.
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