Calls can get info; faces get action

“Despite my pressing them repeatedly to tell me why this had occurred, I never got anywhere and they stopped returning my calls... [T]wo days later I was on a plane to Tokyo to meet with the partner.”

Loyalty first! The story behind ‘Fatal Attraction’

Sherry Lansing was in a bind. A prominent film producer in the 1980s, Lansing fell for a script about a love affair gone awry. And she desperately wanted to make the movie.

The tough decision checklist: Finish it and sleep soundly tonight

Stop second-guessing yourself and get out a pen. After you go coolly through this checklist point by point, you’ll be ready to stand up and make that difficult call—no hesitation, and no regrets.

Read the obituaries for fun and profit

James Galton died at age 92 on June 12, 2017. He ran Marvel Comics Group from 1975 to 1991, earning a reputation as a strategic genius and all-around nice guy.


When to settle a case

Today's Leadership Tip

If you approve a bonus for an employee, don't just have that figure added to their next direct deposit, and don't just have HR drop a check into a plain white envelope and plunk it in their mailbox. Hand-deliver the bonus if you can, placed inside a simple card, and verbally express your thanks for a job well done. That way they know it's not given grudgingly, but gratefully.


Q. Getting comfortable with high-stakes risk-taking is difficult, but it’s part of the job. How do I consistently judge all types of risk?

Persuasion is an art. If you push too hard, you will risk being aggressive. If you nudge too lightly, you may turn into a pest. Persuading others is pretty easy when you understand the 4-point formula for success. Authentic Persuasion: How to Pitch Anything to Anyone will guide you to success. Watch the video now.

There is tremendous joy and satisfaction that I gain from my work. I am doing the work I was put on earth to do and have the chance to lead a fantastic team doing the same things. And … sometimes … I shake my head …

Here are four things, backed by a survey of 700 millionaires, that all leaders could use a little more of.

Q: “I share an office with a very nosy woman. ‘Tricia’ constantly monitors my activities and asks what I’m doing. My job involves spending time on the Internet, so she probably thinks I’m Web surfing. Tricia seems jealous of my friendship with other co-workers and frequently inquires about their personal business. Although I love my job, I’m becoming paranoid about my office mate. What should I do?” - Tricia’s Target