A new CEO drives his point home

As a leader, your words carry immense weight. Even a seemingly minor comment can unexpectedly make a major impact.

Corporate culture starts at the top

“I can’t hang with the guys (I’m the boss, after all), but I also can’t seem to influence their behavior. What do I do?”

I, brand ambassador

More than your employees, more than your vendors and investors, and more than your customers, you and your behavior on social media are the online embodiment of your company’s brand.

Teachings of a master interviewer

Frank Sesno’s favorite question to ask a leader is simply, “How do you know?”


Diversify those skills

Today's Leadership Tip

Ever get a call from an employee who immediately launches into an angry diatribe? This trick might tone them down: Before they go on too long, ask them to hang up, calm down a little, and call back in 60 seconds. That short breather period often acts as a natural sedative, and rationality returns.


Q. I’ve got a group of employees who are so distracted by the political goings-on on a national level that they just can’t seem to focus on work. How can I get them to concentrate better?

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As leaders we have a responsibility for supporting, enabling and expecting our teams to improve their work processes. Because of that fact, today I want to share a trio of important ideas related to process improvement — all important, all worthy of the full space available, yet I determined that giving you a morsel of each was preferable to picking one.

How about a directory of leadership blogs?

Q: “In my previous job, I gossiped, backstabbed and yelled at important people. I eventually realized that I was creating my own problems, but changing was difficult as long as I was in the same environment. After finding my present job three years ago, I worked hard to avoid conflicts, improve my behavior and become more politically astute. Unfortunately, however, one of my former colleagues has now joined our staff, and I'm afraid she will tell people about my past. Should I go to her and make amends or just wait and see what happens?” Reformed Jerk