Is being liked overrated?

Most managers want to be liked by their staffers. But what if there’s something more important?

‘I should have listened more’

“I learned that people’s motivations are not logical. They come from a very different place. Their motivations are emotional.”

The psychology of the Oscars disaster

Catastrophic failures aren’t usually caused by one or two big mess-ups but by a series of cascading errors. So it was at this year’s Academy Awards, where a number of factors contributed to the wrong movie being announced as Best Picture.

At Netflix, autonomy above all else

Reed Hastings believes that talented people thrive when you simply leave them alone. So the co-founder and CEO of Netflix created a culture of independence.


Today's Leadership Tip

When huddling with the team to figure out how to salvage, fix or streamline a problem process, never forget to pose one key hypothetical question: "What if we just didn't do this anymore?" A problem in motion tends to draw our focus away from the possibility that the bottom line may very well survive, and even thrive, in the long run without that particular burden. The sudden loss could make your thinkers get quite innovative in response.


Q. One of my supervisors rubs people the wrong way. Some colleagues complain that her comments bother them—and that she subtly cuts them down. What can I do to address the situation? I’m not even sure how to explain the problem to her, much less propose a solution.

When it comes to service, “good” just isn’t good enough anymore. Companies must not only get it right for customers each  time, they must do the “extra things” that connect the customer emotionally to the organization. Creating the Absolute Customer Experience (ACE) is critical for your organization’s success.

There is tremendous joy and satisfaction that I gain from my work. I am doing the work I was put on earth to do and have the chance to lead a fantastic team doing the same things. And … sometimes … I shake my head …

In conducting your cats’ annual performance reviews, follow these guidelines.

Q: "I work as an office manager in a pleasant, stress-free environment. The pay is good, the schedule is flexible, and the staff is productive. Everyone gets along well. So what’s the problem? For the past two years, I have been bored out of my mind. I tried asking for additional responsibilities, but nothing ever happened. My friends say I have the perfect job, but it sure doesn’t feel that way. Any thoughts?"  Underutilized