The lonely road of Apple CEO Tim Cook

More than five years after the death of Steve Jobs, Tim Cook has come into his own as CEO of one of the world’s most visible and valuable companies.

Turn your desk into an ad for yourself

Leaders, you have a precious tract of real estate right before you every day. Put it to work by adding components that people identify with success and credibility—and deleting some others.

Leadership Tips, Vol. 1116

The elixir of leadership ... Are you a jerk? ... 1-to-1 equals 2 people.

Annual merit pay loses its luster

For decades, employers have lulled their workforce into expecting measly but predictable pay increases every year. But that’s changing.


Today's Leadership Tip

Authors Jeanne Mester and Kevin Mulcahy write of “toleration spaces” in their book The Future Workplace Experience. These are ignored, badly situated or just unpleasant rooms where employees avoid meeting or working. “Simply ‘tolerating’ a space is the enemy of positive engagement, a drain on resources, and will deplete the energy of employees in any department or building,” they report.


Q: I have a budding star who I’m grooming for a senior role here. I keep hearing I should move him around to different jobs, exposing him to new challenges. But he loves his current job, and he’s outperforming everybody. Why change what works so well?

In today's extroverted business world, introverts can sometimes feel overlooked, excluded and misunderstood. But being an introvert doesn't mean you can't be a great leader ... and this recording can set you on that path. Watch the video now.

I often say that the feedback you give says as much about you as it does the person you are giving it to, and when I do people look at me funny. After all, the feedback I give you is about something you did, it isn’t about me at all, is it? Not so fast, my friend.

Blogger Scott Kriz thinks consistency is one of the strongest traits among the world’s greatest leaders.

Q: “I left my last job on very bad terms, but found a new position six months ago. I plan to look for another job after I have been in this one for a year, so I'm concerned about reference checks with my previous employer. Even though all reference inquiries are supposed to be routed to Human Resources, someone might still be able to contact my former managers, who would not have good things to say about me. How should I handle this?” Nervous